Lauren Plunk

Seasoned Product Developer and Manufacturer

Lauren Plunk is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for driving positive change in the world of business. As the Founder & CEO of Alchemiss, she has dedicated her career to empowering women to reclaim their health through innovative consumer packaged goods (CPG) solutions.

Lauren’s journey in the biotechnology industry has been marked by excellence, particularly in the realm of product development within the nutraceuticals sector. She has consistently set high standards for industry compliance and product integrity, ensuring that the products created under her guidance meet the most rigorous standards.

In February of 2022, Lauren expanded her reach by launching Alchemiss Consulting, a venture that offers strategic guidance to “better-for-you” health and wellness start-ups. Her expertise extends across operations, distribution, and marketing strategies, enabling emerging food and supplement brands to scale effectively.

Lauren is not only a seasoned product developer but also a manufacturer who thrives on crafting and consulting brands in the “better-for-you” health and wellness space. Her track record includes helping numerous startup companies successfully navigate the path to retail or e-commerce while introducing innovative products that resonate with consumers.

While actively consulting with CPG brands and maintaining her partner status in a Tampa, Florida CBD manufacturing facility, Lauren also lends her expertise to celebrity clients as a business and talent manager.

Professional Credentials

Education & Experience

  • Education:

    Lauren Plunk’s educational journey has equipped her with a strong foundation in finance and a well-rounded understanding of various disciplines. Holding a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in International Finance from the University of South Florida, an Associate of Arts (A.A.) from Hillsborough Community College, and an Associate of Science (A.S.) in Radiologic Technology/Science – Radiographer from Keiser University, her diverse educational background reflects her commitment to continuous learning and adaptability.


    With over four years of experience as the Founder & CEO of Alchemiss, Lauren Plunk is a seasoned entrepreneur who understands the intricacies of building and scaling businesses. Her journey in the biotechnology industry, coupled with her hands-on involvement in product development within the nutraceuticals space, has provided her with invaluable experience in upholding industry compliance and product integrity. Additionally, her venture into consulting with Alchemiss Consulting in 2022 showcases her ability to strategize and guide health and wellness startups to success.


  • Lauren Plunk’s expertise spans several critical domains. Her deep understanding of the biotechnology industry and product development, particularly in nutraceuticals, reflects her mastery of this specialized field. She has consistently set high standards for industry compliance and product integrity, a testament to her commitment to quality. Lauren’s strategic acumen is evident in her role as the CEO of Alchemiss and her launch of Alchemiss Consulting, where she excels in offering CPG brand strategy to “better-for-you” health and wellness start-ups. Her proficiency in developing operations, distribution, and marketing strategies for food and supplement brands underscores her holistic approach to business. Moreover, her knack for creating and consulting brands in the “better-for-you” health and wellness space showcases her talent as a brand architect. Lastly, Lauren’s ability to maintain industry compliance and uphold ingredient integrity while introducing innovative products to market sets her apart as an industry leader.

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