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Scholarship $5k for Women Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Lauren Plunk Scholarship, a beacon of opportunity for women entrepreneurs! This prestigious scholarship, founded by Lauren Plunk, CEO of Alchemiss, is dedicated to empowering and supporting the dreams of aspiring female business leaders like you. With a mission to foster innovation and excellence, we invite you to participate in our essay contest for a chance to win $5,000 towards your entrepreneurial journey. Join us in celebrating the spirit of women in business and seize this incredible opportunity to fuel your aspirations. Discover more about Lauren Plunk, her remarkable journey, and how you can embark on your path to success.

Who is it for?

The Lauren Plunk Scholarship is dedicated to women who embody the spirit of entrepreneurship, resilience, and innovation. If you are a woman with a burning passion for business, a vision to create positive change, and the determination to overcome obstacles, this scholarship is designed for you. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur looking to launch your own startup, an innovator with a unique business idea, or a visionary leader striving to make a difference in your industry, we invite you to be a part of this empowering journey.

Lauren Plunk

Lauren Plunk is the Founder & CEO of Alchemiss

Lauren Plunk is a trailblazing entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Alchemiss, a pioneering CPG startup on a mission to empower women to reclaim their health. With a stellar career in the biotechnology industry, Lauren’s expertise lies in product development, specifically within the nutraceuticals space. She has consistently excelled in ensuring industry compliance and product integrity.

In February 2022, Lauren expanded her horizons by launching Alchemiss Consulting, offering strategic guidance to “better-for-you” health and wellness start-ups. Her achievements span the realms of operations, distribution, and marketing strategies for numerous food and supplement brands.

Lauren’s passion for creating and consulting brands in the “better-for-you” health and wellness sphere has driven her success. She possesses a remarkable knack for helping startups scale for retail or e-commerce while introducing innovative products to market—all while upholding industry compliance and ingredient integrity.

Beyond her consulting endeavors, Lauren maintains her partner status in a CBD manufacturing facility in Tampa, Florida. She also leverages her extensive skills in the role of a business and talent manager, serving celebrity clients.

Based in sunny Tampa, Florida, Lauren Plunk embraces an active, self-care-driven lifestyle. Whether she’s exploring the world or taking serene sunset walks with her Husky, Lauren’s passion for growth and empowerment shines through in all aspects of her life.

Learn About The Scholarship

The Lauren Plunk Scholarship is a testament to the unwavering belief in the transformative power of women in entrepreneurship. Founded by Lauren Plunk, a visionary leader and the CEO of Alchemiss, this scholarship is a beacon of opportunity for aspiring female business trailblazers. With a generous award of $5,000, this scholarship is designed to provide financial support and recognition to women who are determined to break barriers and leave an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape. The path to winning is through an engaging essay contest, inviting women from all walks of life to share their entrepreneurial dreams and ambitions.

Lauren Plunk’s inspiring journey, from her distinguished career in the biotechnology industry to her role as the driving force behind Alchemiss, a disruptive CPG startup focused on empowering women to reclaim their health, serves as a powerful testament to what women can achieve in the world of business. Her dedication to industry compliance and product integrity has set the standard for excellence. In February 2022, Lauren expanded her horizons by launching Alchemiss Consulting, offering strategic guidance to “better-for-you” health and wellness start-ups, thereby extending her impact and influence.

This scholarship embodies Lauren’s vision of nurturing innovation, resilience, and excellence among women entrepreneurs. It stands as a celebration of your potential, your unique ideas, and your unwavering passion for effecting positive change through entrepreneurship. Your journey to success begins here, where you’ll find the support and recognition you need to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Together, let’s script the next chapter in the story of women’s entrepreneurship.


Earn Money Towards Your Education

We understand that pursuing higher education can come with financial challenges. That’s why the Lauren Plunk Scholarship is not just a recognition of your entrepreneurial spirit; it’s also a means to ease the financial burden of your educational journey. With a substantial award of $5,000, this scholarship provides you with tangible support to fund your education, whether you’re seeking a degree in business, entrepreneurship, or any other field.

Winning the Lauren Plunk Scholarship means more than just financial assistance; it’s a validation of your potential and a testament to your dedication to entrepreneurship. We believe that your education is an investment in your future, and we are committed to helping you achieve your dreams.

By participating in our essay contest and earning this scholarship, you’ll have the opportunity to not only bolster your academic pursuits but also gain recognition for your entrepreneurial aspirations. Let us be a stepping stone on your path to success as you work towards building a brighter future through education and entrepreneurship.

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At the Lauren Plunk Scholarship, we believe in the extraordinary potential of women entrepreneurs. Founded by Lauren Plunk, CEO of Alchemiss, this scholarship is your gateway to financial support and recognition as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey. With a $1,000 award up for grabs through an engaging essay contest, we invite you to join us in celebrating and empowering the next generation of female business leaders. Explore Lauren Plunk’s inspiring story, discover the opportunities that await, and take the first step toward making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.


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